Online CLE – Law, Ethics, and Religion in America


  • Ohio CLE: 6.0 
  • WV CLE: 3.6 Ethics, 7.2 Attendance
  • PACLE: 2 Ethics, 4 Substantive


  • Ohio CLE: 6.0
  • WV CLE: 3.6 Ethics, 7.2 Attendance
  • PACLE: 2 Ethics, 4 Substantive


Law and morality are inherently intertwined. Those involved in the practice of law should be encouraged to consider how the unchanging moral imperatives of the natural law should affect a lawyer’s approach to the practice of law.  This seminar, based upon Leslie Griffin, Law and Religion: Cases and Materials (2007), provides attendees with a deep appreciation for the origins of law and an understanding of moral and intellectual principles germane to the American legal system.

A summary of course coverage includes:

  • Free Exercise of Religion
  • Comparative Religion Survey and Free Exercise Overview
  • Establishment
  • Conscientious Objection
  • Religious Accommodation, Employment and Liability
  • Civil and Criminal Suits against Religious Organizations
  • Religion and Politics
  • Public Funding of Religion and Religious Symbols
  • Education, Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design


Presented by: Kevin Govern

Kevin began his legal career as an Army Judge Advocate, serving 20 years at every echelon during peacetime and war in worldwide assignments involving every legal discipline. He has also served as an Assistant Professor of Law at the United States Military Academy and has taught at Franciscan University of Steubenville, California University of Pennsylvania, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He has published widely and spoken frequently on international and comparative law, national security and homeland security, cyber security and cyber defense, military operations, law and religion, and professional ethics.


*All courses are approved for continuing legal education by state authorizing bodies and are not courses for academic credit.