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  • Ohio CLE: Substantive 6.0 
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Less-Lethal Options in the Use of Force for Attorneys course on the tactics, techniques, legal analysis, and challenges in use of force encounters by law enforcement, geared towards municipal and departmental attorneys. The seminar is taught by a world-renowned expert in the subject matter, former Police Chief Edward Bogats, Jr. and current Director of Safety and Security at the Community College of Allegheny County. Professor Bogats, Jr. insights, and wisdom into the world of use-of-force tactics for the police professional, and centers around the legal challenges, requirements and appropriate policy and program development. The benefits of attendance will be many but none more compelling than a fully realized use-of-force policy that is realistic for officers and considers the current legal landscape. This course will be a full-day session on “Less-Lethal” options with a legal analysis and discussion revolving around police use of force today.

A summary of the Less Lethal Options in Use of Force course coverage includes:

  • Historical Overview of Common Force Tactics
  • History and Evolution in the use of Less Lethal Weapons
  • Legal reviews of Less Lethal options in the Overall Force Management Plan
  • Training and Education in Less Lethal Methods and technology
  • Legal Implications in the Usage of Less Lethal Systems
  • Assessing the Impact of Less Lethal Weapons as a front-line strategy
  • The Certification Process in Less Lethal Weapon Protocols
  • Types of Less Lethal Weapon Systems/ what is the industry standard?
  • How do we develop a Formal Departmental Policy on Less Lethal Weapons?
  • A legal analysis on best practices while reviewing the effect in the following areas of law; Graham vs. Connor, Tennessee vs. Garner and numerous failures to train cases.


*All courses are approved for continuing legal education by state authorizing bodies and are not courses for academic credit.